terça-feira, abril 10, 2007

Inglaterra para rir

Let´s try some jokes:

Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
It had no body to go with.

Have you ever seen a catfish?
No. How does it hold the rod?

Why are fishmongers so mean?
Because their job makes them sell fish.

First womam: Men are all alike!
Second woman: Yes, men are all I like!

Why are travel guides like handcuffs?
Because they are made for tourists.

Waiter, what do you call this?
It's bean soup, sir.
I don't care what it's been. What's it now?

Have you ever hunted bear?
No, I always hunt with my clothes on.

What is the effect of seven days dieting?
They make one weak.

Doctor: You must take one of these pills three times a day.
Patient: How on earth can I take it more than once?

William, run over and see how old Mrs. Smith is.
(Williams returns five minuts later)
She's annoyed, mum. She said it's none of your business how old is she.

Did you know that deep breathing kills germs?
Yes, but how do you get them to breath deeply?

I've made the chicken soup.
Oh, good. I was afraid it was for us.

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