terça-feira, abril 10, 2007

Story Time

The little stone which could talk

Once upon a time there was a little stone which could talk. One day, in the morning, the stone was resting on a patch in the wood, when, suddenly, one big heavy foot came and woke it from it's dreams.

«Who's screaming?» asked the man.
«It's me!»
«Who's me? I can't see anybody!» The man was becoming scared.
«Here, under your shoe! You're hurting me!»
The man moved away and looked down to his feet.
«I only see a stone...»
«Yes, that's me! Nice to meet you and your heavy foot! Well, this wasn't so nice...»
«I must be dreaming... the stone is talking!»
«Yes, I can talk, and chat, and sing, and cry, if in case!»
«I must be mad...»
«Not really. All stones can talk, even when they don't.»
«Yes, it's true! All we can talk, and we chat a lot... well... when humans aren't supposed to be around...»

The man was really surprised.
«Are you sure? So, I can talk with all stones in this wood?»
«Oh, no, please, don't! You know, stones are very shy. They wouldn't answer you.»
«Why not? I'm a very nice man!»
«I'm sure you are, but trust me, it's not a good idea.»

Despite of these words, the man turned his head and started to cry:
«Hello? All the stones around, hello? Can you hear me?»

But no sound was heard.
«See? I told you, they don't talk to strangers! Their mummys taught them pretty well.»

The man was so amazed that he couldn't believe on his own ears. However, he was much more curious.
«So, waht's your name, little stone?» he asked.
«Well, I'm not sure. Call me Little Stone. I would appreciate that.»
«Well, mine's Joseph.»
«Oh, hello, Joseph, nice to meet you again. Could I ask you to be careful when walking? We, stones, are very sensitive.»
«Oh, sure, I'm so sorry about what happened... are you ok?» the man was truly worried about the little stone. He began to feel overwhelmed with the situation.
«Yes, I'm fine, now. Don't worry about that. Well, it was nice to chat with you, see you later!»

Suddenly the man had an idea.
«Wait a moment. I could keep you and take you home! My kids would be so excited! Would you like to come with me, Little Stone?»
«Well... what's your house like? Is there a garden?»
«Yes, a large garden full of stones!»
«Well, it would be nice. Ok, keep me. But don't forget...»
«... Do not step on you!» And the man laughed loudly.
«Yeah, like that, my friend! You know, I'm starting to change my mind about humans!»
«Oh yes? Why? What did you use to think about humans?»
«Well, you're so... strong and heavy... and cold... and...»
«Oh yeah? Tell me more!» The man couldn't stop giggling between the words.
«And so big and terrible and ugly and hairy and stinky...»
«Really? Ah ah ah ah ah...»

The man kept the stone in his pocket and went home. As he passed through, all the stones in the patch were waking up from their dreams, surprised to see a man chatting and laughing to himself. And they though, «Oh, humans... are completely mad!»

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