sexta-feira, julho 20, 2007

A baba não pára de escorrer

Many moons ago, when there was not much light, there lived an elephant. He had a little nose, was slow and was absolutely grey. He had one thing nobody else had: fire! Sometimes he would balance it on his tail, sometimes he held it with his ears. He liked to play with fire. When other animals begged for fire, elephant just stamped his foot and shouted: "you will not have my fire" and he went to his favourite mud puddle.

In a high, nearby tree lived monkey. Every single day he would go down to ask elephant for fire. But every time elephant would shout back: "you will not have my fire."

"But then we won't have light we can't cook food and we will be cold at night" shouted monkey. "All of you must live like that" elephant shouted and he stomped back to his favourite mud puddle, and monkey swung back to his tree.

That day, monkey thought of a plan. He went to see elephant who was holding the fire with his nose, and said: "Hey, elephant, there's something behind you." The elephant looked back and as he turned round, monkey jumped onto his trunk. And he tried to pull the fire out of elephant's trunk. He pulled, pulled and pulled, and elephant's trunk now was so long it touched the ground! Monkey snatched the fire and happily swung back to his tree. Elephant stomped back to his mud puddle, trumpeting loudly with his long nose indisgust. "Now I shall give fire to all of you" shouted the monkey as he put fire into the heart of every tree.

From that day on people could make fire using wood from trees, keep warm at night and light their way in the dark. To this day, elephants have long noses and trumpet loudly and monkeys are quick and clever at stealing things from people and other animals.

By David

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Alex disse...

E de repente percebes que os teus rapazes estão a viver num país longe, longe mas completamente ambientados e integrados.

A mamã fica menos preocupada, mais liberta para se atirar com garra à escrita e outros projectos.

Força Papu!