quarta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2008

Proud and no-more-stressful mum

"Dear mum, dad and Diogo:

I have been having a great time. There's no need to worry about me because I am safe and healthy. The beds here are really comfortable, so when I lie down on them my back doesn't hurt.
The view outside is great. I can see everything outside. My partner is G., we have a small room with a little window, a little cupboard and a bunk bed.
The food is great here, so when I finished I was so full I couldn't eat anything else.
The first activity I done was the Hubb Challenge, it was a set of mini-games. There was a captain which normally told us what to do. There were 16 mini-games, I only completed 7 or 8 or something.
There's going to be a night walk where we go into the woods and look around, we might see some rabbits or moles.

Lots of love from David"

3 comentários:

LP disse...

Mas estás emocionada não? Eu fiquei!

mina disse...

Que amor de cartinha...Que bom...Beijinhos...manda beijinhos da avó e do avô

CLS disse...

Ui, estás a aguentar-te?! Ele parece estar a adorar, só lhe faz bem... e à mãe também!:)