sábado, março 21, 2009

Versão inglesa

The lost coat which wasn't lost after all

My mum usually knows I’m gonna lose my coat. I can’t tell how on earth she knows something’s gonna happen when it didn’t happen yet. That must be some stuff about mums that children will never get. Well, when she saw me in the playground without my coat on, she just thought maybe I‘d lost it. Then she went in to pick up my brother and they got upstairs to the afterschool club room to sign me out and get my things. It was then she knew I’d surely lost it, when she didn’t find it hanging up near my backpack. So she went upstairs to my classroom but the coat wasn’t there either. She went downstairs again, with my brother following her and complaining about the endless going round, and again she didn’t find the coat in the changing rooms. I guess she was crossed by then and became even worse when she got out to the playground and didn’t find me anymore.

That was because me, my coat and the other kids had gone in by the time. When I got to the room miss told me my mum had gone upstairs. I followed her and she wasn’t there anymore. I came down again, and miss said my mum was down at the door. I picked my coat up and run downstairs, when I met her and my brother and their wonder when they saw I had my coat on all the time. Anyway, if she didn’t know I was gonna lose it, I won’t have a good story to tell you after all. 

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