domingo, abril 10, 2011

Marcus the Gorgon Slayer

"Long long ago in Ancient Greece there was a man. He was a very fair and kind young man whose name was Marcus. At the time when he lived in Greece there were lots of diseases. One of them unfortunately hit his father. He couldn't stand it anymore, he had to heal him so, he planned to get the rare mysterious Yaggrasale flower, which lied in the souless island of Catorgi.
After he had set off on his journey it wasn't long before he was in a battle with a sharp clawed giant rat! He took one huge swing that strangely defeated the rat, and he set off into the hottest desert in the entire world.
When he had almost recovered from his wounds he saw an enormous bear, he could just make out it was galloping towards him trying to avoid another battle he just got himself into an even bigger one! He tried stabbing but the bear kept defending so, he hit the bear with his shield, that sent the bear a fling and Marcus quickly ran to his destination.
It wasn't long before he got near the imposing temple of Catorgi. As Marcus crept in he saw the monster resting in the corner. Marcus gazed in horror, Catorgi had sharp jagged teeth like a carpenter saw. Its golden skin reflected any bright light. He was shocked to realise its size was as big as an elephant.
While Marcus was observing the monster he tried so hard to find the mysterious Yaggrasale flower. He came closer to Catorgi, awakening Catorgi's sleep. While Marcus was approaching, Catorgi watched silently! When Marcus came to the end of the temple Catorgi pounced almost on top of Marcus. He quickly turned back holding his sword, another battle had just begun.
Marcus and Catorgi both stood still. Then Marcus quickly took the first attack. For Catorgi it wasn't much of a big deal. Catorgi then bit Marcus's shield and threw it heavily away Marcus now has no protection! Catorgi suddenly froze. His shield was magic! Marcus saw little sparks coming out of Catorgi. It's mouth opened and Catorgi dropped to the floor. Out of his mouth came the mysterious Yaggrasale flower. Marcus had won! He took the flower but he didn't leave the monster out there. When he grew stronger he would build and create a grave for Catorgi for he knew that the Yaggrasale flower was Catorgi's gift and he had to protect it. But of course before that he had to return to his homeland.
He prayed and handed the flower to his father. His father stroked the petal and ate it. His father was healed."

By Diogo, 8 years old
(aqui está a estória que o meu filhote escreveu na escola.)

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