segunda-feira, junho 26, 2006


Isto é demais e eu não resisto a partilhar com vocês:

"What's THAT dear?" asked the new teacher.

"It's Mummy", I replied.

"But Mums aren't green and orange!

You really haven't TRIED.

You don't just paint in SPLODGES

- You're old enough to know

You need to THINK before you work...

Now - have another go."

She helped me draw two arms and legs,
A face with sickly smile,

A rounded body, dark brown hair,
A hat - and, in a while,

She stood back (with her face bright pink):

That's so much better - don't you think?

But she turned white

At ten to three

When an orange-green blob

Collected me.

"Hi, Mum!"

Trevor Harvey

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Isabel Freire disse...


Isto é mesmo um convite. Se quiser dar uma vista de olhos em "sexualidade feminina", agradeço.
Um abraço

Mónica disse...

fantástico! onde descobriste isto???

Anónimo disse...

Excellent, love it! »