quarta-feira, março 30, 2011

A gift and a blessing

Compassion has in itself a positive energy, whereas pity is a negative case. When you feel compassion, you understand other people's feelings, you actually are able to empathize with them, to be on their shoes. When you feel pity, you just feel this sorrow for others, this kind of sympathetic pain for their misery, but you don't even want to dream about being on their shoes. And if you do, even just for a glimpse, it's just to increase this sorrow you feel for them in yourself, something like self-pity, rather than to empower them, and yourself, with the wonderful thing that being empathic brings up, which is the connection between two different souls, making them one and whole, and thus, stronger, changeable, powerful. Pity is a waste and an emptiness; compassion is a gift and a blessing.