domingo, julho 01, 2012

The woman with great arms

The woman had huge arms, so long she could hardly notice her hands in the distant horizon. Long ago, it was how she made it possible to detach from them: what they did, what they touched, what they felt. Her hands had been a completely foreign unknown land, a lost planet in a thousand millions light years away galaxy.
As time went by, the size of her arms became a problem. Everybody tripped over them constantly. Even she would find herself entangled in the little vain attempts to shrink them by moving them around in countless and endless different ways. It was impossible to move on in such limbs.
Then she decided to tie them up around her waist, as she did to the coats and jumpers as a child wanting to run around hand free. So she wrapped herself in all those meters of useless flesh, up to the ends that lead to the hands, leaving an exact arm length to go on with her days.
And there she is, tied up in her own embrace which kills and comforts her all the same. A gigantic hug which turned into her own skin.
Nobody ever notices.

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